Advisory Board



Ogden United for Education is the advisory board for the Ogden City and the Ogden United Promise Neighborhood initiative. Comprised of the leadership of public and private agencies, this board was developed in the Spring of 2009 as an effort to engage broader community groups as key stakeholders in supporting youth and families through educational opportunities.

  • Senator Ann Millner
, Committee Chair
  • Superintendent Rich Nye, Co-Chair, Ogden City School District
  • Sheila Anderson, Assistant Professor, Child and Family Studies, Weber State University
  • Kate Bideaux, Boys and Girls Club
  • Nancy Blair, Board Member, Ogden School Board
  • Mayor Mike Caldwell, 
Ogden City
  • Donald Carpenter, Agency Administrator, Ogden Weber Community Action Partnership
  • Bill Cook, Executive Director, Office of Community Development, OgdenCAN, WSU
  • Kevin J. Eastman, L.C.S.W., 
Executive Director, 
Weber Human Services
  • James Ebert, Weber County Commissioner
  • Marion Eckersley, Department of Workforce Services
  • Janene Eller-Smith, Executive Director, Ogden City Council
  • Azenett A. Garza Caballero, Research Director, Center for Community Engaged Learning, Weber State University
  • Jeanne Hall
, Community Member/Hall Foundation
  • Jennifer Hogge, Prevention Coordinator, Weber Human Services
  • Chad Holbrook, Program Administrator, 
Community Education/Conferences & Workshops, Weber State University
  • Shawnell Howard, Education Manager, Ogden Weber Community Action Partnership
  • Robert Hunter, Director, Walker Institute, WSU
  • Tim Jackson, CEO
, United Way of Northern Utah
  • Mark Johnson, Chief Administrator, 
Ogden City
  • Sondra Jolovich-Motes, Executive Director of Equity and Access, Ogden School District
  • Kathy Leiker, Department of Workforce Services
  • Margit Lister, MD, 
Intermountain Health Clinic, North Ogden Clinic
  • Brenda Marsteller Kowalewski, Associate Provost for High-impact Programs and Faculty Development, Weber State University
  • Alicia Martinez, Executive Director, Midtown Community Health Center
  • Carrie Maxson, Supervisor of Equity and Access, Ogden School District
  • Chloe Merrill, Associate Dean, College of Education and Professor, Child and Family Studies, Weber State University
  • Ann Nelson, Regional Director, YMCA of Northern Utah
  • Stella Patino, Early Childhood Education Director, Weber County, YMCA
  • Yesenia Quintana, Data Analyst, Research Extension, CCEL, Weber State University
  • Jack Rasmussen, Dean and Professor
Jerry & Vickie Moyes College of Education, Weber State University
  • Joe Salazar, Department of Workforce Services
  • Tracy Scholnick Gruber, Director, Office of Childcare, Department of Workforce Services
  • Debbie Sparks, Northern Utah Director, 
Department of Workforce Services
  • James Taggart, President, 
Ogden-Weber Technical College
  • Richard West, CEO
, YMCA of Northern Utah