We are active members of our community and, as such, are involved in a number of programs and events in Ogden City. Since we love getting others involved in our programs, all major annual events will be posted here; however, the best way to stay informed about our community events is to sign up to receive our newsletter or like us on Facebook. Please take a moment to peruse our press coverage and learn a little more about what is happening in our neighborhood.

New federal program offers promise for Ogden neighborhoods 
JaNae Francis, June 29, 2013 
OGDEN — A vision of this city being a well-guarded secret oasis is nothing new.Leaders have long championed Ogden, bringing business from around the world. But now, they say they have an opportunity to plant this flower box from within like never before. Their efforts are based on a chance at up to $35 million in federal funds sure to transform the inner workings of the town. And even if those funds are never granted, they say Ogden will never be the same as a result. Continue reading…

Promises to educate: Neighborhood program helps get books into kids’ hands 
JaNae Francis, July 1, 2013
 OGDEN — Misty Carver and her 6- year-old daughter, Kiara, wasted no time to delve into a new book Kiara got last week at Monroe Park. They got the free book from a First Book national United Way community distribution in the park and walked straight over to where summer lunch was being served and started reading while they were eating. “It’s a great way to get her to eat her food,” said Kiara’s mother. “I’d read her a page, and then she would eat.” Continue reading…

Promise project working to change perceptions in Ogden 
JaNae Francis, July 1, 2013 
OGDEN — When 10- year-old Angel was asked to draw a picture of likable things about the neighborhood, the youth instead wrote on two sides of the paper, separating likes and dislikes. “I like to play with my friends in the neighborhood because there are some nice people,” Angel wrote. “I like my neighborhood because there are some nice people.” On the other side, Angel wrote: “One thing I don’t like about my neighborhood is that there are people that hurt or harm you.” Continue reading…

Inner-city Ogden preschool helps kids get a better start 
Rachel Trotter, Ogden Standard Examiner Jan. 20, 2014 
OGDEN — A small file of 4-year-olds carefully balanced papers with round cereals and letter “Os” as they tried to form a line to walk out of their new preschool room at James Madison Elementary. “It’s only our third day, so our friends are just getting the hang of things,” said preschool teacher Heather Shaffer. The students are in a group of about 27 so far in a pilot program launched by Ogden School District, YMCA, Ogden City and United Way to create a chance for underprivileged, inner-city Ogden kids to attend preschool to get a leg up for kindergarten. Continue reading…