Our 10 Promises


The children and youth in our neighborhood are beautiful, bright, capable individuals with limitless potential. Through each of our programs, we and our partners promise to fulfill ten specific commitments to these individuals and their families to ensure that they have the tools necessary to reach their potential and give back to the community. Our promises are as follows:

Promise 1 – Children enter Kindergarten ready to learn. Children have no untreated health conditions or avoidable developmental delays at time of school entry. Children are ready for school learning (socially, cognitively, emotionally) at the time of school entry.

Promise 2 – Students improve academic performance and are proficient in core subjects. Children demonstrate achievement of grade level proficiency in major subjects, especially in English language arts and math.

Promise 3 – Students successfully transition from elementary to middle to high school. Children overcome the challenges that come with the school transition, including chronic absenteeism (missing 10 percent or more of school days) and the issues that lead to it.

Promise 4 – Youth graduate from high school. Youth graduate from high school and pursue additional education and job skills.  

Promise 5 – High school graduates obtain postsecondary degree or trade certification. Youth enroll in a two-year or four-year college or university after high school, and go on to graduate. Or obtain vocational certification completion and earn industry-recognized certificates or credentials.

Promise 6 – Students are healthy and access learning and enrichment activities. Children participate in at least 60 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity daily and consume five or more servings of fruits and vegetables daily.

Promise 7 – Students feel safe at school and in their community. Students feel safe at school and traveling to and from school.

Promise 8 – Students live in stable communities. Students do not have to switch schools regularly (student mobility) due to unstable housing and other factors, which prevent youth and families from being able to settle down and integrate into the neighborhood.

Promise 9 – Families and community members support learning within schools. Parents and caregivers read, sing songs, tell stories, and discuss books with children in the early years of their life, which leads to better literacy and cognitive development outcomes later for children. Parents encourage their children who can read, to do so outside of school. Parents and caregivers talk to their high school students about the importance of college and career.

Promise 10 – Students have access to 21st Century learning tools. Students have school and home access to broadband Internet and a connected computing device.